Bring the tropics into your home

What could be more beautiful than tropical plants in your house? Recline under a Golden Cane Palm from El Salvador, place a Cycas from Guatemala in the conservatory or a Chinese Camellia on your terrace. The growers at 365 Tropical Days gather their plants from all over the world – and nurture them into exotic beauties. These exclusive plants add a tropical touch to your home and office and contribute to a healthy indoor climate.

The plants from 365 Tropical Days are easy to care for and versatile: there’s a tropical plant for every room. For 365 days of the year, every day can be as decorative and stylish as the next. Plants from 365 Tropical Days are carefully selected and grown. They are elegant and strong, and remain beautiful with minimal care. Meet these exotic beauties.


Tropical origins

Our plants originate from Central America and Asia, where 365 Tropical Days has partner nurseries. The plants are shipped to the Netherlands when they are still small. They are only offered to the customer when they are big and strong enough, and after a rigorous quality inspection.


Tropical office

Our tropical plants provide a better indoor climate. They purify the air and help maintain optimum humidity levels. Moreover, they are easy going: they need very little care.


Tropical terrace

We also grow tropical plants especially for terraces. The Phoenix, Cycas and Cordyline are particularly suitable for this. They will add a wonderfully green, unique and exotic radiance to your terrace.


Tropical house

A tropical plant is an ornament for your home. Our plants are beautiful, exclusive and strong and will add an exotic touch to every room in your house. There are tropical plants for the living room, hallway, bedroom or bathroom.